Tumi – A Dream Led To This (EP)

Eternia & A Love – Movin (Single)

Black Samurai – Kill Em All 12” (Single)

Shawn Lov – Do It 12” (Single)

Shawn Lov – The Blackout Of 1977 (Album)

A-Love – Ace Of Hearts (Album)

Bias B – Been There Done That (Album)

Chasm - Cyanide Tip ft. Mantra B/W Gard Blue ft. Ozi Batla 7"

Bias B – In Bed With Bias (Album)

Nick Sweepah & Aux One – Self Titled (Album)

Ivens - Ivens And The Gore Crow Tones 7"

DJ Bonez – Mamma’s Kitchen (Album)

Reason: One Step Ahead (Album)

Various Artists – ObeseCity (Album)

Turntable Jediz – All Out War (Album)

Prowla – The Great Rescue (EP)

Prowla – Lonewolf (Album)

Dedlee – Self Titled (EP)

Karma – Art Of War (Single)

Pegz – Capricorn Cat (Album)

Muphin – More Than Music (Album)

Andy Struksha – Andy Social (Album)

Awakenings – Pidgeon Whole Hearted (Album)

Various Artists – Culture Of Kings 3 (Album)


Hilltop Hoods - Leave Me Lonely (Single)

Hilltop Hoods - Clarke Griswald (Single)

K21 - Any Given D-Day (Album)

A B Original - January 26 Feat. Dan Sultan (Single)

Baker Boy - Black Magic Feat. Dally (Single)

Baker Boy - Marryuna Feat Yirrmal (Single)

Briggs - GE Cipher

Nooky - The Greatest Feat. Jimblah (Single)

Oh Mercy - With You (Single)

Illy – Long Story Short (Album)

M-Phazes – Grindin Remixed (Album)

Dialectrix – The Cold Light Of Day (Album)

Dialectrix – Audio Projectile (Album)

Jess Harlen – Park Yard Slang (Album)

Jess Harlen – Neon Heartache (Album)

Gully Platoon – The Great Divide (Album)

Deep Heat - Low Lights (Album)

Raph Boogie – Le Bump (Album)

Plutonic & G Love – Moonshine Lemonade (Album)

Plutonic Lab – Give Me Sabotage Shell (Album)

Plutonic Lab – Collision Of Days (Album)

Plutonic Lab - Codes Over Colours (Album)

Plutonic Lab – The Waiting 12” (EP)

Ivens – Sounds To Expire To (Album)

Omni – Battery (Album)

Muph & Plutonic – ...And Then Tomorrow Came (Album)

Muph & Plutonic – Silence The Sirens (Album)

Muph & Plutonic – The Day Off Remix 7” (Single)

Muph & Plutonic – Hunger Pains (Album)

Muph & Plutonic – Heaps Good 12” (EP)

Pegz – Burn City (Album)

Pegz - Pegasus (Album)

Pegz – Axis (Album)

Pegz - Chechen Gorilla 12” (Single)

Pegz – Back Then 12” (Single)

Pegz & Task Force – 12 Apostles (EP)